Mobile Apps That Clear Your Clutter

By MGM Blogs

No time for a garage sale? That is okay, now with smartphones it easy to sell some of your old items while making some extra cash. Introducing some of the best new mobile apps to say goodbye to that couch you never use. 


1. LetGo

That's right the app is called LetGo, and the name is spot on. This app searches for items in your area, and it even breaks down items into categories such as electronics, clothes, movies and books. It is easy to add an item just add a picture, an asking price, and any other details about the item for sale. The app is completely free to use and available on the app store and Google Play.

What I Liked: Completely free to use and easy for the first time user.


2. Boxes

 Boxes is unique in that it helps you both organize your stuff and sell it. You can create a personal inventory of your clothing, collectibles, books, and more, and then list individual items for sale. That's helpful if you want to catalog what you own for any reason (such as for insurance documentation), and also easily sell something when you need a little extra cash or space in your garage.

What I liked: You can use Boxes just to organize your stuff, or put items up for sale, which makes it more versatile than the other apps on this list.






With SellSimple, you can not only sell you stuff within the app, but also list an item on social networks, and online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. That helps you get greater visibility for your old guitar or vintage leather jacket, without the hassle of listing them on each site by yourself.

Like the other apps, you snap a few photos, add details about your item, and list it on SellSimple. At the same time, you can have the app share the article to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well as create individual listings on eBay and Amazon.

What I liked: SellSimple helps you get a lot of potential buyers to see your items at once.


4. Vinted

There are dozens of fashion reselling sites out there, but Vinted offers an additional feature: the option to swap items without incurring any fees.

If you prefer to make some cold hard cash, it's also an easy option for putting stuff up for sale. Where high-fashion-centric sites such as Vestiare Collective require sellers to send in their prospective items for checking before sending on to the buyer – thus lengthening the time before you get paid – Vinted lets sellers and buyers conduct their own exchanges, with seller ratings and the option to follow particular sellers and brands.

What I liked: Great for getting rid of gently used clothes. 


Honorable Mentions: The originals Craigslist and Ebay.


These are the best apps out there and are very secure, but I always recommend exercising caution when selling or trading with someone. Follow the link for the best safety tips.