Americas Top 10 Cities

By MGM Blogs

Dreams of the Big Apple and the Windy City are no longer the top of Americans list. While we continue to see metro areas grow, factors have changed which cities people are moving to. See our list below for the top 10 cities people are flocking to. 




Our top ten are the top for a reason. All of the cities listed above are desirable for their strong job markets and low housing costs. For example, Raleigh, NC has a low unemployment rating, the median home price is $297,000, and high job satisfaction ratings according to Glassdoor. Compared to New York City which has a median home price of $400,000 and higher unemployment rating. 

So now you have the top ten, are you considering heading to one of these locations? 


We have branches in six out of the ten top cities. View more of our branch locations here.